Easy Tips for Arranging Plants to Save More Space

Homifine.com -- Having lots of plants often makes owners confused about how to place them more concisely and so they don't disturb other areas around them. You need to think deeper to display lots of plants but still neat. Come on, follow our tips on Easy Tips for Arranging Plants to Save More Space.



Use clever shelf

If you want to have neat plants in your house, an arrangement like this one will be the perfect idea for you to emulate. Use dividing shelves and fill each box with one to two plants, depending on their size. Have you probably used it at home?



Sort by type

For a neat appearance, you can sort the plants by type. Unite these plants in one shelf that has a beautiful appearance with the same leaves. This idea will make your corners look tidier and also make it easier for you to maintain them.




Pay attention to the placement of plants

When arranging plants on a shelf, you cannot place them haphazardly. Pay attention to the type of plant growth so that it can grow well and save space. Trailing plants, like this one, are always placed at the very top so that they can grow freely hanging down. When they are placed at the bottom, their growth will be disrupted, making the area around them look unkempt.



Use trailing plants as curtain

Are you a fan of trailing plants? You must now consider using styling like this one. Plant trailing plants against a high wall and allow them to grow until they form a natural curtain that will astound anyone who sees it. A trailing plant can also be used as a hanging plant by placing it on a windowsill.



Creative ideas for vines

Unlike the case with vines, if you want them to look neater and different, you can provide trellis for them to grow well. Use each trellis for a different plant to make your corner look more interesting and inspiring.



Use old stepladder

The use of a stepladder is also a popular choice to provide a more attractive appearance and of course more space saving. You can move it more easily anywhere and organize it the way you want.





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