7 Simple Steps to Beautiful Trailing Pothos

7 Simple Steps to Beautiful Trailing Pothos

Homifine.com -- Today's best home decoration is trailing plants. One of them is keeping pothos at home, which is useful for creating a bright and refreshing atmosphere. Furthemore, pothos is a low-maintenance plant that is popular among new gardeners. This review will go over how to get a good pothos trailing and some tips for making it look nice.

Use precise planting 


Simple ceramic, hanging plastic, or stationary planting models can be used to grow long and trailing pothos. Choosing a well-drained pot is essential for growing healthy and long pothos. Choose a thriving pot with 1/2 drainage holes as the bottom. With moist soil conditions, not wet and not submerged in water.

Make use of a stand


Because trailing pothos like to stretch and walk, a support structure is required. One of them can use wood, trellis, or poles to support pothos, allowing it to grow tall, climb, and wrap around the support. 

Place in the proper location


Even though pothos is a difficult plant to kill, the best way to keep it climbing is with proper placement, This plant prefers indirect sunlight, so place it near a window.
Because direct sunlight will cause the leaves to burn and cause the plant to die.

Use a well-balanced soil mixture


This nutrients required by the pothos plant can help it thrive and function properly. Using potting soil with a pH of 6,1 - 6,6. This method can produce long tendrils.

Water, but not excessively


All plant, including pothos enjoy water but not in excess. This plant should be watered when the soil is dry, but not so much that the plant becomes submerged in water. When the soil in the pot is one inch dry, water it.

Prune on a regular basis


Following that, you can repot the plant for at least 3 - 4 weeks to allow nutrients to flow through the plant rather than becoming stuck in dead stems. This method will also promote longer, viney pothos plants.

Vine training


Pothos vine can be easily supported with a propagation structure. This will result in a lovely trailing pothos display. It's even possible to do it inside. Hook it to a rope or hold it with one hook.

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