Follow These Easy Steps If You Want to Propagate Lavender - Maybe you want to add a Lavender collection to your garden and make it like a Lavender garden. No need to buy more Lavender to grow them, you can use propagation methods to increase the garden that you want. Follow These Easy Steps If You Want to Propagate Lavender. Check it out!

Time to propagate Lavender


Do propagation when Lavender has their active growing season. The time is during mid-late summer. And you can do it when hot and humid outside. And if you cut the Lavender too late in the summer or fall, this plant may not root. Because of this period, Lavender started to go dormant for the winter.

Propagation methods with rooting cuttings in water


Take the lavender from a healthy plant, better from new growth rather than older wood. Take the cutting around 6 inches. Then, you can remove the leaves off the lower third of the cut stem. 

Next, put the cuttings in a glass jar in the sun. Don't forget to change the water every 4-5 days. Plant the rooted lavender cutting in potting soil mix or directly in the garden with warm enough conditions.

Propagation methods with rooting cuttings in soil


At the beginning like before, take the cutting of Lavender around 6 inches from new growth and remove the leaves off the lower third. 

Then, scrape the skin off the bottom portion of the stem on one side. Fill the jar or container with a mix of half vermiculite or perlite and half peat moss. Dip the stripped tip of the cutting in the rooting hormone. 

Next, you can stick the lower end of the cutting about 2 inches into the soil. Cover it with plastic and they should root for about 2-4 weeks. 

Last, place this new plant in a sunny area and water when the soil is dry. Don't forget to feed the new Lavender with 1/4 strength liquid plant fertilizer once a week.

Lavender propagating themselves


Actually, Lavender can propagate itself when the branches contact to the ground and form roots. But, in other conditions, you can try this way to propagate Lavender by itself. 

Get bend the branch of Lavender to the ground and pin it down. And this pinned Lavender branch will root within a month or two. 

Hilling methods


Hilling is the method to propagate Lavender that takes time but is easy and successful. Do this method in the spring. 

Firstly, cover the old Lavender with soil. And make sure the new buds show just above the soil. 

In next spring, each Lavender stem should have new roots in the hilled-up soil. You can dig up the subshrub entire and divide it, with each rooted stem being planted to produce the new plant.

Thank you for reading Follow These Easy Steps If You Want to Propagate Lavender, I hope you can inspire and apply by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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