7 Different Color of Beautiful African Violet to Dress Up Your Space

Homifine.com -- African violets are one of the most popular houseplants because of their beautiful flowers and ease of care. This plant also grows not too big so it will make your home more space saving. The beauty of African violets doesn't only have one color, but they have a wide variety of flowers with various colors and you can choose them according to the look you like. For some examples of African violet variations, check out 7 Different Color of Beautiful African Violet to Dress Up Your Space.



White color is often a symbol of something sacred and is also associated with the purity of affection. A house with a simple and minimalist style will be very suitable to be filled with this white African violet. They have white flowers with yellow pistils which makes them look even more beautiful.

Pink flowers and leaves


The pink color of this plant doesn't only appear on the flowers, but also has leaves with pink edges that match the flowers. Pink is often liked by girls, so you can place it in your child's room as a beautiful decoration.

Vibrant purple


The sharp purple on this African violet flower seems to want to attract anyone's attention to admire it. The green leaves that originally looked normal immediately looked very striking when the African violet flower bloomed.

Stripe green and white


Other plants and flowers do not have these colors and patterns. Anyone will be impressed by this African violet beauty. The white flower petals with light green stripes appear to be soothing. Each flower petal owns the green pattern, allowing it to create a unique new pattern.

Soft purple and white


just like the name suggests, the flowers that are owned are violet in color which can be seen on the edges of the petals. Not only violet, this flower also has white parts so that overall, the combination of white and violet looks very harmonious.

Adorable pink


The previous pink color appears evenly distributed on the petals of this African violet. The petals light pink color is surrounded by a dark pink that appears to be a border. This single color is ideal for those who prefer a calm and simple appearance.




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