6 Amazing Landscaping Ideas with Croton Plants

Homifine.com -- Crotons require six to eight hours of direct sunlight per day. That's why this plant is a good choice to use in your landscaping designs. The plant will live happily under the scorching sun. The color of the leaves, which ranges from green to yellow to orange to burgundy, will brighten and color up your landscaping. For you, here are 6 amazing landscaping ideas with croton plants

Croton to fill the side garden


If there is a side garden between your walkways, fill it with greenery. Apart from plants in intense green leaves, opt for crotons there. Croton plants will brighten up the garden with their eye-catching leaf patterns and colors. Croton, which grow well in the sun, will also make the side garden look better than ever.

Croton as border plants

Garden Answer

Croton are grown for their pretty foliage. This plant can grow thick and dense, as pictured. That makes it great for you to make it a border plant in your garden. The lush croton can even offer you some privacy due to its dense leaves. 

Croton that enhances container garden

Garden Care

A container garden filled with a variety of plants can be an eye-catching addition to a backyard landscape design. Try growing croton in that container arrangement. Croton leaves in red, yellow, pink, orange, and purple will stand out among the plants. Certainly, this plant will enhance any container arrangement.

Croton for favorite fall container


Welcome the changing seasons with a seasonal container garden. A container garden with croton will complement any floral arrangement. You can red mums, ornamental grass, variegated ivy plants, heuchera, and croton. Croton to add a beautiful splash of blaze and fire color to the fall container.

Turn it up the edge of your garden


You can liven up the edges of a garden that looks arid with crotons. These colorful leaves will decorate any corner of the garden. Croton can grow into large bushes that do well in full sun with well-draining soil.

Croton for sunny garden


The croton looks prominent and happy in full sun. It's good to fill the ground not only with grass but also with croton. Croton leaves will add bold, vibrant splashes of color to your landscaping. The red, orange, and yellow leaf colors dare to shine in the hot sun.

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