How to Care for Purple Oxalis Triangularis (Easy Care Guide) -- Although it is often regarded as a weed due to its fast and dense growth. However, this plant also has a beautiful appearance with purple leaves that are shaped like butterfly wings. You will see the beautiful appearance of this plant when you line it up with other green house plants. When growing it as a house plant, you need to pay attention to its care, check How to Care for Purple Oxalis Triangularis (Easy Care Guide).





The best soil conditions for maximizing oxalis care and growth are standard potting mixes that are light and well-draining. Avoid using heavy, compacted soil that retains water as this can rot the plant roots and tubers. You can mark the condition of the soil when watering. Stagnant water above the ground can be a sign that the soil is too heavy.



Apart from soil, lighting also plays a very important role for plants. Place oxalis in an area of indirect bright light. Bright light will keep the leaves bright and make flowering easier. Conversely, when you place it in a dark area, the leaves will turn pale and wither. A window that has morning light would be the perfect location for this plant.



Lack of watering is more tolerated by this plant than when it receives too much watering. The fibrous roots and tubers they contain are easily damaged and rotted when they receive too much water. But also don't let it dry too long. Give watering when a few inches of soil surface has dried. Reduce the intensity of watering during dormancy in winter.



Fertilization is a common thing for plants, especially for flowering ones. Likewise with oxalis, fertilization can be done to maximize its growth. Dissolve the fertilizer in water so that its contents do not burn the plants. Fertilize once every 3-4 weeks. Don't forget to wash the container because of salt buildup that occurs as a result of routine fertilization.



Some leaves may turn brown, wither, or dry after months of vigorous growth. Don't worry in advance, because this could be a period of dormancy for them. They will show their growth again during the planting season and you can do normal watering and maintenance again. Don't forget to prune leaves that have dried and damaged.




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