7 Beautiful Summer Flowers To Enliven Your Garden

 Homifine.com - Summer is the time to go out and enjoy the atmosphere. Equip the summer with beautiful flowers and colorful variants that can bring enlivening vibes. There are certain plants that can certainly survive in heat conditions. Look at these 7 Beautiful Summer Flowers To Enliven Your Garden. Check it out!



Echinacea or Sundown is a beautiful flower that has a tone of copper and rosy corals. This flower has vary in strength with the season and flower age. They also have a good honey scent and the features like a flat-topped cone in the center of the bloom.



This plant is a quintessential tropical vine. Bougainvillea is tolerant of drought and has lavishly brilliant flowers. You can grow this plant in a yard or pot to enliven the atmosphere during summer.

Bottlebrush flower


Has a unique and interesting appearance, Bottle Brush Flower is a bird attracting and can brighten your garden or home. Care for this flower by watering weekly and annual feed with a native fertilizer in spring.

Grevillea majestic


Grevillia is a beautiful flower that can survive in summer. The appearance looks the firework and the muted greens of its foliage make it a favorite in the garden area. This flower can blend very well with around and attract plenty of birds and pollinating insects.

Banksia flower


Native to Australia, Banksia is a beautiful plant that can flower for months. And they provide color as well as nectar for insects, birds, and small animals. 



Dahlia is the one of popular flowers that can enliven your garden in summer. Besides being easy to grow, Dahlia also requires full sun and growing in a pot or container. They have fleshy roots that are called tubers and require well-drained, compost-rich soil.

Kangaroo paw


Kangaroo Paw is a flower that native to Australia. This flower has high a top strappy foliage from spring to autumn. Grow them in areas with well-drained soil and cut back well at the end of the flowering season. It's useful for regenerative growth in the next year.

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