Plant Collection in Picture Shelves for Your Designs

Plant Collection in Picture Shelves for Your Designs -- A stunning image of a bunch of houseplants on a shelf will add a touch of elegance to your interior design. Using a shelf to organize plants in your green decor is a unique way to breathe new life into any space. Get inspired by the photos in this review:

The ideal natural decor

You want to redecorate your living room with houseplants. Even using climbing plants such as pothos, philodendron, and syngonium, this will enliven the atmosphere of the room with a green theme. Arrange them in an orderly fashion and pair them with a rattan planter for art. 

A neat and neutral arrangement of anthuriums


With neat and uniform houseplants, you can highlight the decor of a space. This concept can be added to your collection. In a dimly lit room, a terracotta pot filled with anthuriums and the like will thrive. You can relocate this shelf to a location near the windowsill if necessary.

Genuine greenery


If there is not intention, decorating a space will be difficult. This vibrant green interior design with snake plants will become a reality in the home. Demonstrate how this plant shelf can be used to organize the urban jungle in the house.

A vibrant corner


Don't let your bathroom appear empty and boring. Because it may cause you to be too lazy to use the restroom. Just change the corner to bring life and a fresh green look. They will enjoy this bathroom corner if you take care of it on a regular basis and choose an open shelf model made of wood.

Greenery for the holidays on the windowsill


Plants that are placed around the windowsill are ideal. A beautiful space greening design will be showcased by the combination of vertical style and hanging models. Make it not too tight and leave some space.

Fun and simple design


You won't be in a hurry to fill the space with furniture. Use baby plants such as pilea to create a modern, green, and simple look. Place it on a metal shelf, add artificial lighting, and place it in the room's window.

Congratulations on the urban jungle concepts


Green-leafed plants will look lovely on this shelf. You can begin with plants with small, large, or jumbo leaves to create an urban jungle theme in the room. This greenery will help to reduce heat while also improving air circulation.

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