7 Beautiful ''Backyard Pond'' Ideas for All Budgets

Homifine.com -- Double up the freshness in your backyard with a pond. It doesn't have to be big and extravagant; in fact, you can keep it beautifully fresh within your. A backyard pond will increase the landscaping value of your property. We've compiled an interesting list of 7 beautiful ''backyard pond'' ideas for all budgets.

Minimalist fish pond in the backyard


Your backyard pond can come in the form of a minimalist fish pond. It is simple to construct in the shape of rectangular with a depth suitable for Koi fishes. Surround this fish pond with snake plants and peace lilies to provide oxygen and to give it a nice look.

Elegantly curved backyard pond


This backyard pond is for those of you who want to invest in your spacious backyard. Dug your pond with a curved shape and contouring the shape of your pond with neatly arranged rocks. Low blooming flowers add to the beauty of this pond.

Backyard pond under the pergola

Aquascape Inc

The outdoor lounge and koi pond are a good match. Imagine sitting under a shady pergola while enjoying the beauty of the koi pond. Koi ponds can be made less rigid with rougher curves and filled with aquatic plants that add to the fish's freshness and pleasure.

Add waterfall into the backyard fish pond


Enhance your backyard fish pond with the aquascape ecosystem feature. It will encourage the growth of aquatic life in your backyard and enliven your backyard. A small waterfall feature makes backyard ponds even more enjoyable. It will double the freshness and coolness in the backyard.

Fiberglass triangular pond


Backyard ponds don't have to be big. There are many shapes and sizes of ponds for small yards. This fiberglass triangular pond is a one-of-kind option. The clear water and aquatic ecosystem are highlighted by the triangular shape. You can also use this as a planter, especially for aquatic plants.

Beautiful backyard fish pond


Create a little piece of paradise in your backyard. You can present a fish pond like this. It may be small, but the natural elements surrounding it make it the star of your small yard. Moreover, the rock fountain will give your backyard a very natural atmosphere.

Backyard pond like a well


Go old school-style by creating a backyard pond like a water well. Add touch of small waterfall to give a serene Zen atmosphere. It gets more lively and shady with the green plants that grow lushly around the backyard pond.

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