Best Unique and Exotic Succulent for Houseplants -- It is already known to many people that succulents are one of the plants that have various varieties that have various colors, shapes and sizes. Unlike most other plants with leaves that are thin and have a general shape, the following types appear unique and will become house plants that attract the attention of anyone who sees them. For some unique plants that you should know about, check Best Unique and Exotic Succulents for Houseplants.

Haworthia Cooperi


This first type of succulent has very thick leaves as if they are blown to resemble bubbles with a transparent color on the inside. For the outer surface, this type of succulent has a combination of green and white.

Euphorbia Tirucalli


Many people may know him better by the name 'Firesticks' because of the appearance of green leaves at the bottom and has a red color on the shoots. The shape of this plant is also unique, resembling a small stick with fingers.

Crassula Umbella


Crassula Umbella 'Wine Cup' is a type of succulent with a unique appearance because it has a container-like shape that grows from a small stem. They also have beautiful flowers with red and yellow color combinations. Do not give it excessive watering because it will make it easy to rot.

Euphorbia Obesa


From its appearance, of course, it is recognized that this is one of the desert plants. The shape looks like a ball and some other types look like earthenware with a green color that has brown markings in some parts. This plant can also have flowers that will grow on the top surface. They also do not really like watering.

Corkscrew Grass


The uniqueness of this last plant is due to the appearance of its leaves which curl at the top to form a spiral. At first glance, they look like green curly hair. Just like any other plant, water when 1 inch of soil has dried.

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