7 Cozy Garden Deck Design Ideas for Relaxing

Homifine.com -- Garden decking is a clever and stylish addition to any garden. You will have an elevated structure for an outdoor lounge without having to pave it. Decking allows you to cover the ground in a hard and elegant way. You can choose one or more of the 7 cozy garden deck design ideas for relaxing.

1. Decks that expand your outdoor space


You can present a garden deck that might be attached to your house. It will expand your outdoor relaxing space. Decking levels can be raised 30 cm above the ground. Decking can be made of weather-resistant solid wood; you can also add a roof to get a comfortable outdoor lounge with decking.

2. Decking that surround the tree

Green Basement

Garden decking will improve the garden's dynamics. It's excellent for leveling the garden. Use timber material in natural wood style to complement the surrounding. Decking around a tree is a so charming, separating the ground and paving in a stylish manner.

3. Decking for relaxing corners in the garden

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Want to add a relaxing space to the garden? Do it by covering the ground with decking. Then, you can build a simple pergola frame as a roof. Fill this relaxing nook with wooden benches full of colorful soft-cushions and accessories. You'll get a fresh and fun, relaxing outdoor space.

4. Decking that leads the way and eye


Decking is  good way for creating a small walkway between two outdoor areas. Use a turf flooring such as this. The deck is made of metal underlay and a composite wood deck. The deck has a trendy design that will lead the way and catch anyone's attention.


5. Spacious deck with small garden


Garden decking is great for covering a large area in a backyard. A practical solution for creating a relaxing outdoor space that fits more people in. Add a swing feature and a small garden with lush shrubs to spice up the decking with soothing vibe.

6. Garden decking for Autumn Garden


Enjoy the atmosphere of the autumn garden with the ground covered in hardwood deck boards. It is more resistant to wood weathering in cold weather. Make the decking look leveled like this to make the garden more dynamic. Bring string lights that warm up the atmosphere at dusk.


7. Garden deck with relaxing features


A strong and well-kept garden deck is ready for you to transform it into a relaxing haven. Bring in some relaxing features here. You can swing casually in the hammock on a sunny day. Attach the ropes to the upright pergola. Here, you can also eat al fresco with bare feet.

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