7 Incredible Bronze Leaf House Plants

7 Incredible Bronze Leaf House Plants

Homifine.com -- Metallic colors are very appealing for use as interior choices, and even plants exist. For an elegant look, choose leaf houseplant. It will be a focal point in ever corner of the house as a valuable decoration, in addition to adding a stunning touch of sparkle. In the following review, select 7 of these plants:

Duarten rex begonia


Still in the begonia variety with silvery bronze leaves. This duarten re begonia adds an elegant, pale look to the room. However, a bold look can make a dramatic impression.

Caladium Berris N'Burgundy


There are numerous varieties and often a collection of ornamental plants available for this gardener to choose form. Caladium berries N'burgundy is one of them; this plant with bronze later in the spotlight has a white pink color bright pink primary veins.

Sedum gold 


When exposed to sunlight, this attractive sedum succulent with yellow-green foliage can turn a beautiful bronze-red color. Watering that does not require frequent attention can be easily cared for and brought indoors.

Bromeliad cyrptanthus


Bromeliads cryptanthus are a popular plant with this leaf shape. The lance-like leaves are red bronze, brown green and pinkish in color. Like some other types that can easily adapt indoors or outdoors.

Begonia Rex Tornado


This dramatic leaf motif has a bronze, silver texture with dark purple spots along the leaf surface and is  a plant with a lot of variety. Begonias are the best plants for a dramatic metallic color that will transform the interior of a room.

Croton petra


There are several beautiful varieties of the colorful leaves that appear refreshing throughout the yard. Croton petra is one of them, with large leaves in bronze, yellow green, and burgundy. This plant tolerates direct sunlight well and is also suitable for growing indoors.

Pilea Spruceana 'Norfolk'


This ornamental plant, also known as angelic, has bronze-colored leaf veins that are oval and wrinkled. For beginners, maintenance is quite simple. Provide partial sunlight and increase humidity when doing so indoors.

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