Seven Beautiful Outdoor Purple Plants -- Plants are known for their freshness and beauty, which makes you never bored to look at them. Not only green, you will also be interested in other plant colors, such as purple. Some of the following purple plants will be very suitable for the garden and can provide a more varied appearance. For some purple plants, check out Seven Beautiful Outdoor Purple Plants.

Purple Passion


It is a lovely annual plant when planted outside. Its lovely purple leaves are velvety smooth and captivate anyone who sees them. You can plant it in dry soil because this plant does not like moist soil, which can cause rot. Allow it to be exposed to moderate to bright light, as bright light can produce a more intense purple color.



Because of its hardiness, many people prefer to grow this plant outside. You can plant them directly in the garden, but you can also plant them in a planter with other beautiful plants. When planted in the garden, this plant does not require excessive watering. If you put it in a pot, you must water and fertilize it on a regular basis.

Oxalis Triangularis


This purple plant is popular among many people. Oxalis can have flowers that add to its beauty in addition to its beautiful color. You can put it anywhere outside, but it's best to put it somewhere shady, like under a tree. When watering, give more if it is in a bright area and less if it is in a dark area.

Tradescantia Purple Heart


This plant has a purple color that makes you fall in love, as the name suggests. The plain color of the thick leaves makes it look clean and elegant. This plant can also thrive in both direct and indirect bright light. Water only when the surface is dry, as excessive moisture will cause it to rot.

Tradescantia Zebrina


If it used to have purple leaves with no pattern, this variety now has zebra-patterned leaves. When made as a hanging plant on the house terrace, the combination of purple and greenish silver will be very appealing. Lighting is critical for this plant because a lack of light will cause the bright lines to fade.

Purple Prince Alternanthera


Do you want to make a beautiful purple garden? This plant is simple to grow. Sufficient water will be preferred because it will keep the soil moist, but not soggy. If the soil is dry, you will notice it wilting, water it immediately to restore fresh plants.

Persian Shield


You can also make it one of your yard's bushy perennials. Bright light and moist soil will encourage it to spread out and cover your small yard. The leaves are also lovely, with a combination of purple and blackish purple.

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