8 Excellent Ideas to Display Houseplants

Homifine.com -- Adding houseplants is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of the room's interior. Houseplant are not only beautiful, they can also help to purify the air in the room.
Indoor plants, on the other hand, require the proper positioning and layout.
For your convenience, we've compiled a list of 8 excellent ideas to display houseplants especially for you! Let's take a look!

1. Plants on the open bookshelf


The first idea is to display the plants on an open bookshelf. Relaxing while reading will feel cooler with a refreshing view of indoor plant. 
You can position the bookshelf in the corner of the room.

2. Wooden room divider


Create a unique room divider with a touch of tropical style. You can put plant in each room on the room divider.
The design of these room dividers is simple and lightweight, so it can easily if you want to move them.

3. Natural wooden shelves


Wood is a popular material used to make plants stands. This wooden shelf is attractively designed with a square model.
Each box has a barrier to protect the plants. You just need to arrange the plants freely.

4. Plants in the living room


The living room is the best room to show off your plant collection. You can even put the plant as a sweetener for the living room table.
A bottle of water can be combined with a beautiful coin plant.

5. Neat houseplant on wall shelves


In addition to placing it in the corner of the room, you can arrange the plants in the pot neatly on the wall shelves.
The use of wall shelves can help you save space. Combine hanging types of plants and other indoor plants for the best decoration.

6. Plant racks of circular shape


Tired of the usual look of plant shelves? Look at the model of the circular plant shelf above. It looks unique as well as eye-catching.
You can combine with wooden board for the place of the plant. The best position of indoor plants is near the window.

7. Houseplant in the workspace 


Refresh your workspace by adding plant decorations. The idea of using plants in the workspace can boost your spirits.

Work activities will be more productive and enjoyable.

8.  Hanging houseplant


Transform your plain walls with charming plant decorations. By hanging, the plant will enhance the beauty of the interior of the room.
You can use wooden shelves and also Macrame ropes to hang them. Practice it as in the example.

Those are 8 excellent ideas for display houseplants. Good luck. 

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