How to Grow The Best Peace Lily in Your Home -- Some people believe that having a peace lily will bring them peace. This plant has attractive white flowers as well as green leaves. Even though it is simple to maintain, it should not be overlooked. As a house plant, it requires special attention. Check out How to Grow the Best Peace Lily in Your Home for more useful information.






All you have to do when you bring it home from the plant shop is prepare a well-drained pot. Because peace lilies dislike soil that is too dry, choose a soil-compost mixture that can retain moisture. You are now ready for the future peace lily care routine after planting it in the pot you prepared earlier.



Humidity and temperature


The peace lily prefers areas with high humidity, so take notes so you don't forget. If you are concerned that this plant will not receive adequate moisture, place it in a watered pebble tray. 16-21 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature for peace lilies. 




Light is an important factor in proper plant growth. Choose an area with bright, indirect light for the best treatment of your peace lily. Avoid areas with direct sunlight throughout the day, as this will dry out the peace lily.


Watering plants on a regular basis will have a significant impact on plant growth. You can check the soil in the pot to see when it needs to be watered. Don't let the soil become too dry; instead, water it while it's still moist, but don't overdo it. If you notice drooping leaves, check the ground right away because the peace lily may be thirsty. For the best peace lily experience, use clean, chemical-free water at room temperature.



Repotting is also an important annual activity for keeping the peace lily healthy. Recognize the indicators that it is time to repot. Roots that have filled the pot will make it difficult for the plant to absorb nutrients, causing it to wilt. You can immediately transfer it to a larger pot. Remember to fertilize every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the season.

Peace lily in water


Can water be used to grow peace lilies? Perhaps this is your question when you see the peace lily grown in water on social media. Yes, it certainly can. However, you must also consider planting in water. Do not allow the plant's base to become completely submerged in water. You can use a special pot or fill the bottom with small stones.




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