Anthurium Warocqueanum Care -- Anthuriums are commonly known for their stunning pink and bright red flowers. However, as a lovely ornamental plant, it has distinctive leaves and an elongated shape with fine velvet. Before purchasing it, you can take care of it so that it grows healthily. Check out Anthurium Warocqueanum Care for assistance.



Of course, when planting this anthurium, you must pay attention to the soil composition so that it is liked by plants. Use composted soil, perlite, orchid bark, and charcoal-infused soil. 

This combination is ideal for growing this anthurium because it keeps the soil moist without trapping water in the pot.




The thing that you cannot leave out of plants is the need for light to grow properly. This plant prefers bright indirect light. However, you must be careful not to overdo it so that the leaves do not burn. 

If you want to put it outside, choose a shaded area, and if you want to put it inside, put it near a window.





Anthuriums, in general, dislike being overwatered in order to avoid risks such as rotting roots. You must, however, continue to water it on a regular basis. Water every 7-10 days, but not too much.

Remember to adjust watering according to the season. In the spring and summer, provide more water. In the fall and winter, reduce the intensity.





Because a limited pot makes it difficult for plants to receive more nutrients from the soil, you must pay attention to the food needs of plants with fertilization as a house plant. 

By fertilizing once a week, you can use organic or inorganic fertilizers. To make things easier, use liquid fertilizer at a quarter of the original recommendation.




Pruning will be an activity that you will need to do on a regular basis to control and rejuvenate the growth of this anthurium. Remove any old, wilted, or damaged leaves to ensure a fresh anthurium with healthy leaves.



Just like plants in general, anthurium also requires repotting so that plants can grow optimally. You can do this the usual way by taking the plant and moving it to a bigger pot. 

You can routinely do it every 2-3 years. However, in some conditions you can repot it faster to keep the plant comfortable.

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