Make A Gorgeous Balcony Garden in Small Space -- It's time to pay attention to your small balcony and make it a fun area. Aside from serving as a relaxing area, you can also present a new balcony garden. No matter how small your balcony is, you must get creative as soon as possible in order to transform it into a fantastic addition to your home. 

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Various flowers


With the flowers that fill it, this small balcony looks lovely. Place it on the wall's edge as well as the railing to create a comfortable space to relax on a small balcony. You can also select your favorite flower in the color of your choice.

Use rack for neat plants


Using shelves to arrange plants is a crucial idea for you to implement. Your small balcony can now be overrun with plants without fear of running out of space.

Use a variety of adjustable-size shelves and fill each shelf with plants that require the same plant care so that you can remember how to care for each of your balcony plants.

Succulent and cacti for beginers


Use plants of the same type for easier balcony garden maintenance. Succulents, like the idea above, are one of them. This succulent selection is also ideal for those of you who don't have a lot of time to care for plants, as succulents prefer bright light in the balcony area.

Choose vines and lush plant


You can have a fresh and leafy balcony view even if you have too many plants. Have vines or plants that grow quickly and are lush. Just a few plants placed on the balcony will perfectly spread the freshness.

Creative placement plants


Arrange your plants carefully on a small balcony to create a calming, fresh garden. You can also use the arrangement with plant-filled wall shelves to create a one-of-a-kind vertical garden display on your balcony. Finally, add some shade with hanging plants.




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