Gorgeous Plant Divider Ideas for Your Home

Homifine.com -- Your houseplants can do more work than you think. They are not only great for occupying empty corners. The houseplants can even be a partition or room divider idea. You'll get a lively room divider, which also adds natural style to the room. Forget rigid room partition and use these gorgeous plant divider ideas for your home.

1. Room divider with plant display

Go with a slimmer room divider design, which is ideal for a minimalist home. Choose one with special shelves for storage and decoration, such as displaying your houseplants. This room divider model includes a special display stand with a spotlight to make the plants stand out. 

2. Use plant shelf for a better space


Forget the classic room divider with a plant shelf. A shelf placed between two rooms will make a stunning showcase. You can proudly display and care for your indoor plants there. Moreover, if the shelf containing these plants is close to the window, the plants will also grow happily there. 

3. Partition with plant holder


Small room partitions come in a variety of styles. Even it doesn't provide complete privacy, a small partition can serve as a room divider. Opt for the sleek partition that comes with this plant holder. The plant holder is nicely arranged, making each potted plant look attractive from top to bottom.

4. Room partition with ivy plants


This plant holder design is very similar to the previous one. However, this one comes with a larger size. You can grow plants that are great for hanging, such as pothos, ivy, or monstera. The iron framework can be used to propagate them or allow the leaves to grow beautifully dangling. 

5. Room partition with fresh flowers


This room divider design is also great for your flowers. Pick fresh flowers from the garden and place them in a glass vase filled with clear water to bloom. Blooming flowers will enhance the beautify of the room, including the room divider. 

6. Bring the bush inside


You can bring a large container filled with shrubs as a room partition. The taller the plant grows, the better it will work as a room divider. The contrast of black and green will create a stunning space with a bold-fresh statement in it. 

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