How to Get Peace Lilies to Bloom | 8 Ways to Make Peace Lily Flower - Lighten up your room with Peace Lily to get relax and fresh ambience. Peace Lily have pretty flowers and nice leaves. But, mostly people have same problem, like How to Bloom Peace Lilies at Home? Correct, here we will share to you about this topic. Check it out!

Keep It Warm


Maybe this way look easy and perfect to do. But, people often forget to check the temperature around the plant. Native to tropical rainforests, you can keep Peace Lily in warm temperature, and they will bloom beautiful flowers

Make the temperature between 65-68 degrees that is the best for bloom formation, especially at night. Even you manage the right temperature, you should watch out for localized hot or cold spots. Peace Lily that too close to a heating vent or an AC unit will be unlikely to flower.

Move It Somewhere Brighter


As a hardy plant, many will assume that Peace Lily no need sun to grow. It's fine if you wanna compact plants at your home area. But, if you wanna bloom Peace Lily, you must give some sun for your Peace Lily. 

Don't leave Peace Lily in direct sun for more than 2 hours per day. If you find for many harsh rays, get softened the light by hanging some thin curtains. 

To protect Peace Lily, you can check the light with your hand. Direct light makes dark shadows with sharp edges, and indirect light give some fuzzy edges.

Don't Let It Dry Out


Peace Lily can droop when the roots run out of moisture. And it can make your plant get stress and harder to flower

To fix it, you can check the soil every 2-4 days with finger. When the topsoil dry and crumbly, it's time to water the plant. Just give good thorough drink into your water to avoid overwatering.

Provide Some Humidity


If your Peace Lily don't bloom even you get some change like warm, light, and water, you can check for the humidity. Actually, humidity is not a major problem, but you can try it. 

If your plant has below 50%, try to get the air a little moister. Other way, you can put Peace Lily near lots of other plants or put some humidifier.

Give Fertilizer


Use a well-balanced formula that you can dilute to a lower concentration. Give Peace Lily 1/4 to 1/2 strength application every 4-6 weeks during growing season. 

If the leaves wilt and turn brown at the tips shortly after fertilize, you've probably used too much. Rinse the minerals out of the pot by slowly letting a large volume of water drain through the soil.

Remove Old Blooms


Usually, Peace Lily blooms last for at least 4-weeks and sometimes remain healthy for up to 2-months. After they get brown up and sag, you can snip off the flowers. Then, you can cut the stalk it's attached to, as close to the base as you can.

Split Up the Plant


With age, Peace Lily may lose their chance to bloom. This is due to the emergence of a new foliage crown that consumes a lot of resources. 

This problem can solve with split your Peace Lily. Split off the younger plants and grow them separately. And your original plant should start blooming again with this way.

Avoid Use Chlorine in the Water


To be known, Peace Lily dislikes the water that contaminants such as fluoride and chlorine, as they can turn the foliage brown. You can use RO or rain water for best growth.

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