How to Care for Beautiful Tradescantia Plant -- Tradescantia is a plant that is favored because of its beautiful color and low maintenance because this plant is a succulent that does not require too intense watering. However, to find out more details about the care of this plant, check out How to Care for Beautiful Tradescantia Plant.


When it comes to plant care, light is an important concern that cannot be ignored. This plant grows best in indirect and bright sunlight. Light intake in plants can help plants maintain beautiful leaf color. However, too much light can also result in dry brown spots on the leaves that are a sign of sunburn.


Because it is classified as a succulent, you can water this plant less often than other ornamental plants. Overwatering is one of the most common problems and causes plant rot. Water when the soil is a few inches dry, and pay attention to the drainage in the pot, so it doesn't lock in the water.


In its natural habitat, this plant likes warm and humid areas, so you also need to pay attention to its placement so that the plant can grow healthily. If you have a hot room, you can place this plant pot on a tray filled with water and gravel.


This plant can grow thick quickly, so you need to do some activities, such as pruning and repotting. Pruning can remove leggy stems, and make your plant grow thicker and denser. However, when it is dense, you need to repot into a larger container so that the plants get the best nutrients and are not stressed.


Tradescantia is very easy to propagate by taking stem cuttings and rooting in water or soil. This plant can grow roots quickly, you can soak the stems in a glass of water and a few weeks later it will be ready for you to plant in a new pot. You don't need to buy tradescantia from the store anymore to have more of these plants.

Tradescantia for decoration

This plant becomes an attractive decoration because it grows densely and has an amazing color. You can have it in the garden or use it as a room decoration. Most people make it as a hanging plant. However, when you have it, keep it away from animals and children because this plant can cause infection.

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