7 Fast Ways to Make Your Patio Feel Like a Room

Homifine.com -- The patio can be a versatile place in the home. You can think of it as part of the house's expansion. When the weather is nice, you can use the patio as a room, but with added bonus of more light and air. Make it a reading room, dining room, or even a living room. These are 7 fast ways to make your patio feel like a room.

1. Choose a roofed patio design


The first thing is a matter of patio design. Instead of an open patio, opt for a roofed patio. You can add a pergola as shade on the patio. A patio with a roof will be easier to design like a room. Because the room feels more shady and protected from direct sunlight and the rain.

2. Furniture arrangement like an indoor


The furniture you use helps your patio feel like a room. Feel free to place gray outdoor sofas with cute pink cushions as decorations. Create a focal point with a coffee table and an egg chair that elevates the patio. This patio is even worthy of being your living room to entertain close friends.

3. Use lighting to decorate


When the sun goes down, you'll need a light to illuminate a patio. Choose the type of lamp that will best suit your needs. String lights are an inexpensive way to add mood lighting. Put them in different places to give the patio a warm glow. It can also provide a  relaxing environment.

4. Use a rug


Every room in the house, especially the living room, must have a rug. An outdoor rug will instantly give an atmosphere like a room. Rug gives a more comfortable feeling on the floor when steeped on like in a cozy room. Rug also creates a sophisticated and modern touch to a patio design.

5. Add curtain


A room is usually closed, not so with a patio. However, you can create a closed atmosphere by installing curtains around the patio. Attach the curtain to the top holder and pole. The curtains will serves like a light wall that provide shade and quickly make your patio feel like a room.

6. Cover the roof with a fitting cover


It's nice to have shade or a roof on the patio. Use a cover that's resistant to outdoor weather. If necessary, add additional shade such as white cloth that will serve as the perfect backdrop for decorating string lights.

7. Nice thematic decoration


Make the patio look and feel like a room. Decorate with outdoor-friendly indoor decorations. Make use of comfortable furniture and decorative lighting. The patio will be as lovely as comfortable as this with the right arrangement.

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