How to Grow Cordyline in Water Easily

How to Grow Cordyline in Water Easily -- It is simple and enjoyable to propagate ornamental plants in water. You can learn this method of propagation without having to worry about soil. To propagate Ti plants in water, use the simple methods outlined below. See the following information on How to Grow Cordyline in Water Easily below:

Cordyline cultivars that grow well in water

Cordyline plants do not all grow well in water. You can select some of them, such as the cordyline fruticosa plant, which has thin, wide leaves in a variety of colors. The second type is cordyline terminalis, which is the most common and has bright yellow and orange leaves.

Growing cordyline in water

To grow cordyline plants in water, you will need some tools and materials. A clean jar, a sharp knife, scissors, and gravel (optional).

After preparing all of these ingredients, proceed with the following steps to propagate cordyline plants in water:

- Cut a 5 - 8 inch-long stem from a healthy mother plant. Cut the stem all the way down to the ground This can result in the birth of a new parent after some  time.

- Flower all the lower leaves and enter the stem of the plant add some decorative pebbles. Fill half the jar with water, but not all the way to the top.

Place the jar in an area with plenty of air and bright, filtered lighting. Wait 10 to 14 days for roots to form.

Cordyline water care

Following the growth of cordyline plants in water. You can take care of this plant by doing the following;

- Plant locations that require indirect light to avoid burning plants leaves and causing plants to droop.

- Change the water every 3 - 5 days to prevent algae growth. Because tap water contains chlorine, you can grow cordyline with purified river or lake water.

- Feed your cordyline plants once every 3 - 4 weeks with a balanced liquid fertilizer. Use half a teaspoon of fertilizer and place the mixture in a vase or jar.

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