8 Colorful Outdoor Plants For Patio & Porch

 Homifine.com - Boost your entryway with colorful flowers or attractive plants.  You can see these Colorful Outdoor Plants For Patio & Porch that can apply at your home area. Besides colorful flowers, you can combine porch and patio with greenery for natural accent. Let's see!

Sweet Alyssum (Lobularia maritima)


Sweet alyssum is flowers that grow prolifically. This annual cascade, perfect to enhance your porch or patio area. You can grow them in pot or ground area. Place it along with seating areas in full sun, but it can manage partial shade as well.

Rock Trumpet


Rock trumpet or Mandevilla is a pretty flower that can grow to climb. Has trumpet-shaped with red, pink, or white blooms, this flower can grow under the sun. But provide some shade in the hottest regions.

Switch Grass/Ornamental Grass


Giving greenery like ornamental grass can give texture to your yard design. With lush accent, you can shape the into beautiful for cozy area and stunning looks. This greenery perfect for your patio, porch, meadows, backyard, and other.



Petunia is a flower that also perfect to decorate your porch and patio area. They bloom continuously throughout the summer to make ideal for long-lasting summertime containers.

Scaevola aemula


Scaevola aemula is small fan flowers that bloom in hardy annuals. They have blue, purple, pink, and white for beautiful shades. This flower perfect place for outdoor like patio or porch and require full sun.

Croton Red Apple


Croton red apple is an extremely colorful Croton with the foliage produces vivid shades of red, green, and golden yellow when planted in warm frost-free areas. This plant native to the tropical forest of Southeast Asia and Oceania. Easy to grow, Croton also pest and disease free.

Lavender (Lavandula)


Lavender or Lavandula is a hardy plant that display silver leaves and deep purple-blue fragrant blossoms. They have gorgeous looks that usually become favorite for all people. 

You can grow this lavender at yard or patio area. Besides the stunning looks, lavender also give you many benefits like use for aromatherapy, boost sleep, and other.

Lantana Flowers / Confetti Flowers


Lantana is a sturdy drought-tolerant annual flowers entire summer without any demands. You can grow this flower at patio or porch with natural sunlight. They also best to grow in full sun.

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