Image of a Silver Satin Pothos - A Popular Houseplant in 2022

Image of a Silver Satin Pothos - A Popular Houseplant in 2022 -- This silver satin pothos is a popular home decoration plant with spreading tendrils and a heart shape that has a very appealing hue. Is an outstanding plant that can be used as a house ornamental plant in 2022 and even the following year. Learn about this plant in the following review and observe how stunning its color is.

Plant genesis


This silver satin pothos is a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia, where it can be found in Kalimantan, Java, Malaya, the Philippines, Sulawesi, Bangladesh, and other place. This plant gets its name from the Greek skindapsos, which means "on the tree trunk," and pictus, which means "in the way," because the leaves are silvery.

In the wild habits


This satin pothos plant can be found growing on the ground in tropical Asian jungles. This plant begins to climb after attaching to rock plants via aerial roots, stems, and wood. This plant can grow to be 3 - 4 inches long on average. The silvery dots on the leaves are the most noticeable growth. Some attribute this hue to concealment or images that break the shape of the leaves, making the appear silvery. 

Gardener's care


You can transport this plant into tropical climes because it is resistant to freezing temperatures. It is easy to grow as a trailing plant on its own and is left to cover tree trunks, stone walls, houses, and other structure wonderfully. 


Bright, indirect lighting is idea for plant. However, it can endure ambient temperature for an extended period of time. This plant can be placed around the window sill and moved back into the room using sheer curtains.  



If the soil becomes too dry, the plant will die. Watering can be done on a regular basis, or when the soil has totally dried out.



With a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, moisten the egg satin pothos. During the winter, this plant can grow very tall. This plant prefers a humid indoor environment with definite humidity. Even in terrariums and enclosed spaces, this plant will absorb a lot of moisture.

Fertilization is also crucial for growing plants swifty from spring to early fall. Select well-drained soil and avoid using containers without drainage holes. Every year, in the spring, repot and transplant to a larger pot.

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