How To Water Plants While Away | 7 Brilliant Hacks - Going in vacation for a few days, maybe much to prepare at home. Besides prepare for the vacation, if you have houseplants or garden, you will be thinking twice 'How I'm watering these plants?'. 

No need to worry about this, you can see these 7 Brilliant Hacks To Water Plants While Away. So, you can enjoy a vacation without worrying about watering the plants.

Self Watering Planter


Going out and sometimes forgetting to water the plant will make the plant wilt and eventually die. But, don't worry, you can use self watering concept for your plants at home. 

You can use an impressive range of self watering planter. Make sure that your plants don't drown. Use passive hydroponic plants that can make the plant grow well.

Giving Bath the Plants


Giving a bath for watering the plant is not mean that you must place the plant at bathroom and give much of many like we get a bath. You can place the potted plants or container in several inches of deep water. It makes the soil of plants soaks up water through the drainage holes present at the bottom.

Water Wicking Concept


This trick perfect for watering your plant frequently. Use a long candle wick or shoelace or cotton rope for the first. Then, take some container that use for water. Put the water at pot near with potted plant that you wanna watering. 

Dip the wick in the water container in such a way that its one end rests at the bottom of the pot. And push the other end of wick 2-3-inches below the soil level near the base of the plant carefully without disturbing the roots.

Self Watering with Recycled Glass Bottle


Reuse the plastic bottle for growing plant is good idea. You can divide the plastic bottle into two part. First use for growing plants, and the other filling with water that can using for self watering the plant. 

You can make the combination between two part of bottle like the picture. Then, connected the bottle with rope or wick that can use for transferred water into plant.

Straw Concept for Watering Plants


Using similar concept with before, this idea use straw to self watering the plant. You can make the bottle of water and pot of plant use pretty and cute shape. Or you can use transparent material that can make you easy to look in the process.

Ask Friend to Water Plant


This way is most clearly a solution to take care of the plant while you're away. You can ask friends, neighbor, or relative that you can trust to take care of the plants. 

Make sure to tell the detail about caring the plant into your friends. It can avoid misinformation and resulting in the plant having problems.

Bottle Watering


This way is easy and simple to watering the plant while you're away. Using a bottle with small mouth is okay for this concept. Firstly, pour the water into the bottle, and leaving a few inches at the top. 

Cover the opening with a thumb and turn the bottle upside down. At the base of the plant, where you water, shove the upturned bottle inside the soil, remove your thumb just before doing that.

Thank you for reading How To Water Plants While Away | 7 Brilliant Hacks, I hope you can inspire and apply by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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