Best Plants for Your Kitchen -- The kitchen is an important part of the house that must be considered for its design and decoration to stay comfortable. One thing you can add to the kitchen is plants, because plants can provide a fresh atmosphere and are also a good air purifier. You will feel the freshness in the midst of cooking activities that give rise to many aromas. For some great plant ideas for your kitchen, check out Best Plants for Your Kitchen.

Zz Plant


Plants should be cared for when they are placed in the kitchen. It will be easier if you have low-maintenance plants. It can be found in the zz plant. This plant thrives in a variety of environments, including the kitchen. There is no need to water it frequently, and you will not be burdened by its care.




pothos is also a perfect houseplant as it is known as a natural air purifier. Having pothos in the kitchen can not only beautify it, but it can also provide clean and fresh air in the kitchen and will keep you comfortable




Of course, the list of kitchen plants would be incomplete if herbs were not included. It not only gives a new look, but it can also be used to complement your cooking ingredients. Some herbs can also be used to repel mosquitos or insects. When you have it in the kitchen, you have nothing to lose.


Spider Plant


The spider plant's beauty is difficult to deny. Because of the plant's unique appearance and hanging plantlets, having this plant in the kitchen will also help spread positive energy. You should also not take it seriously because spider plants are self-sufficient.



Rubber Plant


The beauty of the spider plant is difficult to deny. Having this plant in the kitchen will also help spread positive energy due to its unique appearance and hanging plantlets. You should also disregard it because spider plants are self-sufficient.





Because of the similar shape of the leaves, those who are unfamiliar with it may mistake it for a pothos. This is a philodendron with heart-shaped leaves that can be neatly arranged alongside your kitchen jar on a wall shelf.




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