The TOP Seven Indoor Plants for Your Lungs (Scientific Proven)

The TOP Seven Indoor Plants for Your Lungs (Scientific Proven) -- Health is more important than anything else. Even looking for new alternatives for self-healing with plants is an important step that you can easily take. Air that has been contaminated with harmful substances and inhaled by use will also make breathing difficult.

Of course, therapy and new ways to use plants are required. Here  are some of the best plants for clean air and lungs that you can grow at home.

Devil Ivy's


The golden pothos plant is on the list of indoor plants that are easy to care for as an indoor air purifier, This plant thrives in hanging baskets and indoors with low light.

English Ivy


Plants that can improve the aesthetic of this room are also plants with numerous advantages. Many herbal medicine experts believe that this plant can be used to treat respiratory problem, as an anti-oxidan, and to clean the air.



Plants that grow well in neglect can help reduce the natural radioactive gas radon. You can keep it healthy by watering it once a week. This air purifier plant has been added to the list of plants that are easy to care for and difficult to kill.

Spider plant

This plant, with its attractive, elongated green and white leaves, is extremely difficult to kill. Even with infrequent watering indoors or an window sill, spider plants can thrive. With its many benefits as an air purifier, you can use a hanging basket to decorate any room.

Snake plant


To mother-in-longue law's plant can remove toxic compound the air such as formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene. As a natural air purifier, snake plants thrive in low-light environments. Its low maintenance requirements make it ideal for outdoor plants near fences.

Rubber plant


This ornamental plant, originally from Southern and Southeastern Asia, has spread to many countries around the world. rubber plants are among the tree plants that can reach a height of 40 meters when grown outdoors. This tropical plant also has several advantages, such as acting as an air pollution remover eliminating bacteria, and creating a tropical atmosphere in the room. 

Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is a home remedy for burns that is now being used in cosmetics. This plant, on the other hand, can clean the air and is high in vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids. To restore cleaner air, place it in every room of the house.

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