Six Herbs that Can Thrive in Water All Year

Six Herbs that Can Thrive in Water All Year -- Herbs plants have become one of the kitchen necessities that can be used all year long and are perennial. In general, planting herb plants around the kitchen can provide a fragrant aroma for additional spices when cooking preparations. It is also not difficult to grow some herb plants. You can easily grow it in water all year. Here are some examples of kitchen plants that you can make.



You can cut the stems up to 8 inches long for this year-round herbs plant that grows well in fresh water. Place it in water, but make sure the leaves do not come into contact with the water, as this can cause rot. This plant has numerous benefits, including improved brain function, improved digestion, and being high in antioxidants.



Mint is the next herb plant that is very easy to grow. This plant can be grown in either soil or water. 4 -5 inch long than has been established and propagate by water method, then place in a sunny window to  receive moderately intense but indirect light.



Leeks are one of many herb plants that grow well in water. It can be regrow in days, and it only takes a few days for it to grow its fresh-smelling leaves. These leaves, like chives, will continue to grow.



Basil supplies at home, in addition to being fragrance with a distinct aroma, are an important part of spice addition. These are among the herbs plants that can thrive in water all year.



This woody herbs plant that grows well in a jar of water has sun-loving stems. Oregano should not be overlooked when growing other herbs plant because it saves a lot of time when cooking at home.



When the stems of celery are cut, they quickly regrow. In a jar filled with water, this plant will grow roots and completely from the plant's base in 7 - 10 days.

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