7 Beautiful Houseplants with Red Flowers

 Homifine.com - Red can symbolize with passion, energy, and vivacity. Especially in red flower, it can make attractive and pretty your house and garden area. Look to these 7 Beautiful Houseplants with Red Flowers. Check it out!

Firetail Chenille Plant (Acalypha Hispida)


Easy to growing and the flower too much, you just don't let stop to growing Chenille plant. If the stems get too long or many fading flowers, just trim it. 

And they will grow again in a short time and make it a full, bushy plant covered in those lovely fuzzy catkins that are just begging to be touched.

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum species)


Amaryllis is a plant that easy to care and have beautiful red flowers. They will bloom in winter and stay in bloom for weeks. If you wanna this plant bloom in Christmas, you can do a bit of forcing. 

But, if you are okay to bloom with the own schedule, the only offseason care it needs is to be put outdoors for the summer.



Guzmania Bromeliads perfect for lazy person. They are an epiphytic, pulling water out of the air. You can let the plant pool at the base of their cupped leaves, and the plant will water itself as it needs it. They also don't even like to be repotted.

Ixora Coccinea


Ixora or can call with flame of the woods is a beautiful plant with red flowers. You can put this plant at sunny spot. Any change in exposure can cause it to wilt. Keep them in warm and sunny, and you will enjoy the large flower clusters surrounded by glossy and green leaves.

Justicia Brandegeeana (Shrimp Plant)


Shrimp plant not growing on trees, but the overlapping bracts of shrimp plant really do give the appearance of a prawn. They can thrive in room temperature, love in bright light, and can get a little bedraggled by the end of winter. 

You can cut them in early spring, and it will be ready to start growing and flowering within a few weeks.

Flamingo Lily or Anthurium Andraeanum


Taste like in tropical, Flamingo Lily perfect for houseplant with red flowers. The flowers have red heart-shaped that modifies a leaf called a spathe. Each flower stays in bloom for about 6 weeks. 

Flamingo Lily does require a bit of extra care to give it the bright sun and high humidity it needs to re-bloom.

Aeschynanthus (Lipstick Plant)


This houseplant is a trailing vine that produces an abundance of tubular flowers that really do look like a tube of lipstick. Being tropical, Lipstick plant can thrive in bright light and humidity. 

And it means that lipstick plant take a break from flowering during the dark, winter months. And they will perk up again in some warm and sunshine.

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