7 Of the Most Beautiful Fittonias - A Type of Nerve Plant That are Easy to Grow

7 Of the Most Beautiful Fittonias - A Type of Nerve Plant That are Easy to Grow

Homifine.com -- Fittonia is a plant that can be grown indoors and comes in a variety of colors. Fittonia information can be found in the review below about a list of fittonia plants that are favorites for your home.

Fittonia Red Anne


This plant comes in a wide range of beautiful colors. This fittonia is perfect for a terrarium. Fittonia red anne has green leaves with intense pink variegation in the center. Fittonia are all very attractive and enjoyable to grow in the garden. 

Fittonia white 'nerve plant'


The most beautiful fittonia for indoor plants has fresh green foliage with large white veins. Low-maintenance plants are ideal for around the windowsill.

Fittonia Titanic


Fittonia titanic, with white veins, is an excellent houseplant. This slender, narrower dun of superba is ideal for planting around a window sill in partial shade.

Fittonia skeleton


The fittonia skeleton is an excellent choice for a terrariums. This plant has bright foliage and is quite different from others in that the veins are red. If grown at home, this is a stunning plant. 

Fittonia pink star


Pink star fittonia comes in the following varieties. A unique variety with small wavy leaves and broad pink veins that add a striking to any room. Unique and very beautiful plants planted throughout the garden.

Fittonia Mini Red Vein


Fittonia mini red vein has lovely small green leaves with deep pink veins. These plants are stunning and would make an excellent addition to any plant collection.

Fittonia superba


A striking plant with large, clearly visible white-veined leaves. This small plant grows in a small pot and is kept on a workbench.

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