7 Best Indoor Hanging Plants that Thrive in Apartments

Homifine.com -- In their habitat, plants grow in outdoor areas where they will get enough light and fresh air, so when choosing plants in the house, you need to pay attention to their maintenance. For apartments that are smaller than houses, you can have the following plants. Check out the 7 Best Indoor Hanging Plants that Thrive in Apartments.





Fern is an intriguing choice for creating a new room look in your apartment. Many people turn it into a fantastic hanging plant. The leaves become dense and shaded. Keep an eye on the humidity of this plant, or plant it in a moss ball to keep your hanging plants humid.

Donkey's Tail


Many people place it on the windowsill as a curtain to block sunlight from entering the house. Is it okay to put it in a sunny window? That's fine for succulents, which prefer bright sunlight and infrequent watering.

Euphorbia Tirucalli


You can put it next to a donkey's tail or next to this cactus. This plant has a long, slender stem with tiny leaves that are difficult to see from a distance. If you're pressed for time, this plant can tolerate some neglect.

Saxifraga Stolonifera


Many people refer to it as strawberry begonia. They produce beautiful flowers in addition to having distinctive leaves. It would be ideal for your apartment because it can withstand colder temperatures. Provide indirect bright sunlight, and water when the soil's surface has dried.

String of Pearls


Because of its distinct appearance, many people collect it as a houseplant. This plant, which resembles a green pearl, requires the same care as other succulents that prefer bright light. Put them on a windowsill and trim them if they grow too long.



Pothos is a great plant to have in your apartment because they are natural air purifiers. This plant can also withstand a variety of environmental conditions. Many people place it in the kitchen instead of the living room.

Spider Plant


The spider plant is also known as a self-sufficient and easygoing plant. You won't have to worry about upkeep because they're easy to care for and ideal for beginners. Aside from being able to reproduce easily, this plant also has the advantage of cleaning the air of chemicals, resulting in a more comfortable apartment.





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