7 Hanging Plants That'll Make Your Home Look Amazing

Homifine.com -- One way to improve the appearance of the entire house is to use plants. Not only the standing plants. To make the house look more stand out, you can add hanging plants.
Another way to decorate is to hang plants, which saves space.
Beautiful dangling leaves can be soothing to the eyes. Here are 7 hanging plants that will transform your home! Let's read the whole thing!

1. Boston fern


Bostin fern is on the list of hanging plants that have low maintenance. Boston fern grows well with indirect lighting.
They have leaves that are bright green. By adding plants, the house feels more lively and refreshing.

2. Asparagus fern


The second hanging plant is Asparagus fern. They are beautiful plants with low maintenance. Asparagus fern has a unique, characteristic leaf.
For a beautiful decoration, you can combine them with a clean white pot.

3. Chinese Money Plant


Chinese money plant is believed to bring goo luck at home. The plant has characteristic leaves shaped like coins.
For variations in interior appearance you can use an interesting iron hanger as in the example.

4. English Ivy


We recommend English ivy for use as a room decoration. English ivy plan is an eye-catching vine. The plant has a characteristic, uniquely shaped leaf and is easy to grow.
Suitable for novice gardeners.

5.  Philodendron


Another charming hanging plant with low maintenance is Philodendron. They can survive in a low-light room.
Philodendron has many varieties and all of them look more attractive and charming.

6. Spider plant


Spider plant leaves dangle beautifully with an elongated look. They are plants that are easy to grow anywhere, including indoors.
Spider plant is also one of the indoor plant that can purify the air well.

7. String of pearls


 As the name implies, this hanging plant has a pearl-like shape. String of pearls is a hanging plant with low maintenance.

The plant is beautiful, for the best place is near the window. They will grow well.

Those are hanging plants that'll make your home look amazing. Which is your favorite plant?

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