7 Best Indoor Plants for Bathroom

Homifine.com -- There are many places that you can fill with plants, one of which is the bathroom. The bathroom is an interesting area to decorate with plants because it is more humid, so the plants don't need to be watered as intensely. Placing plants in the bathroom also helps you get a relaxed atmosphere because the air is cleaner with a refreshing green view. 

For some plants you can have in your bathroom, check out the 7 Best Indoor Plants for Bathroom.

Snake Plant


Because it is so simple to care for, the snake plant is ideal for beginners. This plant is also very adaptable to different environments. When putting it in the bathroom, place it near a window and don't overwater it so the leaves don't wilt.

Peace Lily


Placing it in the bathroom will be very liked by the peace lily. Besides liking high humidity, this plant can also survive in dim areas. However, you can place it in a bathroom area where there is light to maximize the growth of the flowers.



Hoya is a good choice for a bathroom hanging plant. Place it near a window where the lighting and temperature are warmer. This plant will also produce lovely flowers. The slightly stiff leaves will make soiling your bathroom difficult.

Begonia Mculata


Unique leaves will be an attractive addition to your bathroom and will not bore you. This plant, in addition to having unique leaves with polka dot motifs, prefers high humidity in the bathroom, so you can include it on the list of bathroom plants.

Calathea Orbifolia


wide leaves with beautiful patterns with a combination of green and silver, this calathea orbifolia can make your bathroom corner look elegant and fresh. High humidity is favored by these plants, although they can still survive in minimal humidity.



Because these plants are commonly found in damp and mossy environments, the best place to keep them as house plants is in the bathroom. High humidity will allow the plant to grow comfortably while also keeping the leaves fresh.



Pothos is a popular houseplant due to its ability to survive a wide range of conditions including humid temperatures and low light. In addition, this plant also has the benefit of cleaning the air which can reduce stress.




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