7 Peace Lily Problems (And How To Fix Them)

Homifine.com -- The peace lily is a popular indoor plant that is easy to grow at home. The plant is known for its typical white flowers, which are attractive. Peace lily requires little maintenance and is ideal for beginning gardener.
Peace lily, like any other plant, will have problems if not properly cared for. For example, suddenly wilted leaves or browning leaves.
We will summarize the peace lily issues (and how to fix them). Continue reading!

1. Leaves turn brown


The problem that is often experienced by Peace lily is that the leaves change color to a brown color. This is usually caused by plants getting more lighting than needed. Or, the lack of watering also makes their leaves brown.
The solution, the best place for growing peace lily is a place with indirect lighting. 
Next, be sure not to forget to water them when the soil begins to dry.

2. Peace lily leaves turn yellow


Some of the things that may be the cause of yellowing leaves are overwatering. If you have a Peace lily with yellow leaves, then root rot may occur.
To help them, you can check the rotting parts of the roots. Alternatively, you can cut off the damaged parts of the leaves.

3. Leaves peace lily Dropping


Peace lily is sometimes referred to as the Queen of drama because they can suddenly drop leaves.
The cause is lack of water, the solution is that you can water it, and it will grow refreshed.
You just did some re-potting. Peace lily will suddenly fall drooping when you re-pot them.

4. Peace lily does not bloom


Peace lily is one of those plants that can survive with low lighting. But for healthy growth, you can put them in the sun indirectly. Do not forget to apply fertilizer to stimulate the growth of flowers.

5. Pest infestation


Although. Peace lily is a plant that has low maintenance and is easy to grow. But they can not, shy away from pests. Especially if the plant is in a vulnerable state.
The solution: you can wipe the leaves from pests. You can use special insecticides. 
Another way,  spraying water liquid to clean the leaves.

6. Peace Lily flowers are green


If usually the flower peace lily ha a pure white color. You will find peace lily flowers over time turning green.
You don't have to worry. It's the growth cycle of Peace Lily.
But if the green flowers does not turn white, then you can move the plant to a shaded space.

7. Excessive fertilization


Appropriate fertilization can make Peace lily flourish and healthy. But if you apply excessive fertilizer, Peace lily will experience problems such as brown leaves.
Fertilize once every 6 months to grow well.

Those are 7 peace lily problems and how to fix the. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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