How To Grow And Care For A Spider Plant (Our Favorite Low-Maintenance, Hard To Kill Houseplant) - Mostly known as popular houseplant, spider plant is a hardy plant and perfect to place at indoor. With long, arched foliage, they can grow in attractive solid green or green and white striped leaves. Here you can see How To Grow And Care For A Spider Plant. Just check it out!

Growing Spider Plants from seed


Usually, growing the spider plant use spiderettes for easy. But, not many knows, you can grow the spider plant with seeds. Yes, you heard it right, spider plant actually bloom and produce seeds. 

Begin the process with sowing the seeds about 1/2 -inches deep in a healthy pot. Keep the soil warm and moist until the seeds germinate. It can take a few weeks and take more time than spiderettes route. 

In this process, make sure doesn't make the soil dry out. Once baby leaves emerge, give the seedlings time to establish true leaves before repotting.

How to care your Spider Plants


Including low maintenance houseplant, you can make the spider plant use well-draining soil that has a looser structure. They can do best at soil with a pH closer to neutral, but also tolerant with both of acidic and basic soil pH. 

Spider plant can grow at indoor or outdoor area. Located indoor, spider plants require bright, indirect light and tolerate with lower light. For the outdoor, they can grow in a partially sunny or shaded spot. But, too much sun can scorch the leaves. 

Spider plants like humidity and thrive in moist. For the first in adjustment of watering routine, you can start hydrating the plants once per week. Note to remember, don't let the soil too soggy, it can cause root rot. 

Fertilize the spider plants between March and November, when they're actively growing faster and larger. Not over fertilize that can make the spider plants have the problems for their growing.

Propagate the Spider Plants


Propagating the spider plants can say that it's easy. You can select little spiderette to propagate it. They will produce their own roots after the time. Place the plant on the soil's surface and keep it slightly moist, not wet, and wait the roots to form.

Get to identify and fix of Spider Plant's problems


Leaf browning can occur for a few reasons. Such caused by overly dry soil, over fertilizing, and watering the plant with water straight from the tap. 

You can fix it with let the damage leaf by prune them with clean, sharp pruners to make a precise cut. And then, also change and overcome the reasons why the leaf browning come at your spider plants.


Spider plant having root rot can cause with the soil that wet too long. Or it can say that your spider plant get overwatering. Fix it with monitor the soil moisture before watering.

Unavoidable, spider plant can have bugs as many houseplants. Inspect the plant for any infestations and remove the pests when able. And for larger infections, apply insecticidal soap or neem oil using a handheld sprayer.

Thank you for reading How To Grow And Care For A Spider Plant (Our Favorite Low-Maintenance, Hard To Kill Houseplant), I hope you can inspire and apply by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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