Urban Jungle Interior Design to Bring Life Into the Home

Urban Jungle Interior Design to Bring Life Into the Home

Homifine.com -- A beautiful forest can be enhanced by an interior designed in an urban jungle style. The image of the house will become darker. Plant the interior in an orderly manner and design an urban forest with living plants. Plants can also provide significant benefits to their owners by providing clean air and reducing stress. Check out the following ideas for Urban Jungle Interior Design to Bring Life Into the Home:


Plant on the living wall


Display all of your plant collections at home in a neat arrangement to demonstrate the concept of an urban forest in the house. Prepare by researching which plants are suitable for indoors and require little maintenance. Plant racks and vine planters are examples of special planters.

Calculate the dimension of the cafe area


When incorporating plants into your home or personal cafe. Concentrate on the dimension of the space by using a variety of plants that are hung or placed in a planter. Pothos plants, for example, can be combined with macrame, as can tropical birds of paradise plants and placements suitable for large space.

Select a matching planter


The use of lush and dense plants is not required for the urban forest interior design style. You can use interior color selection to even out the appearance. Such as a medium-sized specialty plant rack with vines dangling from it. hanging plant accents or money plants will improve the feng shui on your windowsill.

Smart configuration


This urban jungle concept will improve the room. you can incorporate some type of vines on the walls with soft the urban forest setting in the room. Or with a bohemian and rustic decor style to improve the room's aesthetic appearance.

Set the density of space


Shelves are essential for supporting all of the plant placements visible throughout the room. Try reusing plant shelves, hanging shelves, or exposing all the plants at different points to create a bold look. If necessary, adjust the lighting and use a clean white interior with a striking orange contrast.

Don't forget about the light


The final design is critical for the benefit of ornamental plants at home with the urban forest concepts.  Even after irrigation is complete, light is the most important factor. When placed in a small space, do not close the entire room and leave the windows open to allow light in as a practical light filtering solution.

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