How to Care for Calathea Orbifolia Indoor -- Calathea orbifolia is a popular houseplant because of its broad leaves with unique patterns, so many people have it as a stunning room decoration. However, in order for this calathea orbifolia to grow well, you need to pay attention to the best care for them. Some things you need to know, check out How to Care for Calathea Orbifolia Indoor.



Orbifolia's small and fragile roots require you to prepare a light and fluffy potting mix. You can use peat, perlite, vermiculite to retain moisture well. Make sure the pot has adequate drainage holes, so water doesn't lock in the pot and interfere with plant growth.



You need to pay attention to the placement of this plant to estimate the light, temperature and humidity it will get. The best area for this calathea is to place it in a humid area in the range of 18 to 26 degrees C. Too cold temperatures are also not good for this plant, so you need to be careful when caring for it in winter.





This plant prefers bright but indirect sunlight, so avoid placing it in direct sunlight as this will cause the leaves to burn. This orbifolia grows naturally in shade, but don't place it in an overly dim environment. Place it a few steps away from a window that still receives natural light.




 Watering the entire plant takes several factors into account, including location, weather, temperature, and humidity. Watering orbifolia once a week is usually sufficient, but checking the soil would be ideal. 

Dip your finger into the soil for about an inch, if it is dry, water it, and make sure the soil is well-drained. Allowing the water to settle in the pot will stress the plants and cause root rot.'





Orbifolia actually doesn't require too intense fertilization, but it's still necessary to maximize plant growth and fertilize it. Fertilize once a month with a liquid fertilizer that contains high nitrogen to improve the appearance of the leaves. 

You can fertilize during the growing season and stop it in winter because this season the plants are not active and if you do, it will be dangerous and result in the death of the plant.






Because orbifolia is one of the most numerous calathea plant varieties, you must exercise caution when selecting pots to ensure that the plants remain comfortable. 

This plant's roots become denser as it grows, and you must move it so that it can continue to absorb nutrients properly. 

It should be done every two years or so, depending on how fast or slow your plants grow. If you do not repot right away, you may notice some reactions such as wilting leaves.





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