7 Best Trailing Plants for Creating a Jungle Atmosphere

7 Best Trailing Plants for Creating a Jungle Atmosphere

Homifine.com -- Do you want to make your home look like a refreshing jungle by filling it with ornamental plants? The best solution is to select ornamental plants, which can be a beautiful investment and provide a jungle concept such as a pleasant jungle room. You can reconsider what types can reconsider what types of plants are appropriate for use in the room, such as vertical concepts for high shelves or other planter ideas. If you prefer trailing plants, here are seven that are ideal for your chosen jungle.

Jade plants


This is are succulent houseplant, which makes them fairly resilient and easy to grow indoors. Jade plant capable of living a long, long time with proper care. Potted jade plants were given as a house-warming gift to friends for it promotes both friendship and prosperity. In fact, this plant was also gifted to those who were starting a new business to usher in good luck for their finances. 



The philodendron is a plant with many different varieties and colors. Plants with dark green and neon green foliage. In the winter, this plant goes dormant. Prior to seeding, it prefers a dry topsoil. It is a low-maintenance plant that tolerates bright light. This philodendron thrives on vines and in hanging baskets.



The trailing plant in this hanging basket is a type of peperomia, which can thrive and thrive with little care. Prefers a brightly lit. Environment but not in direct sunlight. When the soil is completely dry, water it and watch it grow in low light.

Banana trailing


This type of hanging succulent plant is simple to care for and will add a cool touch to any room. This banana string has a banana-like shape and is very attractive; it has a thick stem and is ideal for hanging pot decorations. Do not require excessive light exposure, and should be kept out of direct sunlight.

String of hearts


In indirect light, this small heart-shaped plants thrives. When the soil is layer is completely dry, water this plant. Watering twice in the summer and once in the winter. Maintenance is simple, and you even make this plant to hang in a corner of your room as a decoration. 

Tradescantia Zebrina


Tradescantia zebrina native to Mexico and Central America. Grow on shady area, humid rainforest. Tradescantia zebrina usually grown as a trailing plant. Will give beautiful in every area at home. Just pot the stem of any broken pieces into water and in no time you'll have a new tiny plant. 

Easter cactus


Easter cactus is a great choice for adding a jungle and festive feel to a room. This plant become tropical, especially during the Easter holidays, with lush and beautiful star-shaped flowers. Including long-lived plants that are simple to grow and care for beginners.

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