6 Ways To Stop Monstera Leaves Curling

Homifine.com -- Monstera is well-known for its ornamental plants with beautiful leaves. Many people have fallen in love with them. The distinctive shape of the leaves can make an impression on those who see them.
Monstera is also simple to grow. However, one common issue is that the leaves of Monstera curled.
Here are 6 ways to stop Monstera Leaves curling! Let's take a look at the review below!

1. Watering is required


One of the most common causes of Monstera leaves rolling or drying is a  lack of water.
Watering them thoroughly is a simple solution that you can try. 
Make sure to water them frequently before the leaves dry.

2. There are pests


Another cause of Monstera leaves becoming curly is that there is a pest attack. Monstera is a plant that can grow well and has low maintenance.
But sometimes pests attack them.
The best solution, you can give Monstera leaf parts in detail and regularly. Continue by separating the plant affected by the pest and healthy plants.

3. The plant has low humidity


There are many causes for Monstera leaves to curl. Among them, what often happens is the low level of humidity. Especially if the Monstera is placed in the room.
Although Monstera has good tolerance indoors, they still need moisture.
Use a thermometer to check their humidity. One solution is that you can increase the humidity of the air, for example with a Humidifier.

4. Due to high temperatures


Due to the high temperature, Monstera leaves will end up curling. Suddenly changing temperature conditions cause them to lose water.
Therefore, you must regularly check the state of the plant to keep it healthy and good.

5. Doing the repotting


When Monstera grew up big, and was still in a pot of small size. Then it is possible that they will be difficult to grow and meet the needs of watering.
The solution, you can do the repotting. You can move it into a container or pot with a larger size.

6. Excessive watering



If previously Monstera experienced a lack of watering. Sometimes, there is a problem of excessive watering. It can also cause, the leaves to turn curly.

The characteristic of overwatering the leaves will wither and turn yellow. The solution, inspect the root part of plant.

If it's to severe, you can do the fussing.

Those are the 6 ways to stop Monstera leaves curling. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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