Best-Kept Office Plants for Increased Productivity

Best-Kept Office Plants for Increased Productivity -- Using ornamental plants in all rooms is both refreshing and functional as a natural cleaner. Ornamental plants can be brought to the office in addition to being placed at home, which can increase work productivity and provide its own satisfaction.

Aside from that, plants can increase the humidity around the table and add visual appeal to your office work area. In this review, you can find a list of these plants that require little care.

ZZ plant


The ZZ plant is a succulent plant that is widely used as an ornamental plant. With its almost black foliage and low maintenance, this plant can make a nice addition to the office desk if it has a raven cultivar.

Lucky bamboo


This lucky bamboo plant is not one of those ornamental plants that thrive in any environment. However, this plant is thought to bring good luck. This plant can give the impression of being moist, especially when placed on an office desk, and it grows well in water.



Oxalis is a beautiful ornamental plant with a butterfly shape that is reddish brown in color. This plant, which is quite easy to cultivate, can provide the most pleasing color for an office desk. This plant prefers low humidity and can thrive in bright light to enhance its eye-catching color display.

Aloe Vera

A plant that grows into an ornamental plant with significant benefits and prefers direct sunlight. Aloe vera is the ideal plant for bright office windowsills. To encourage lush growth, water once a week.



A simple green plant with heart-shaped leaves that can add a fresh look to any room and grows well in all conditions, particularly low light. This pothos prefers bright and indirect light, making it ideal for low-light office environments.

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