7 Colorful Flowering Houseplants to Dress Up Your Home for Winter

Homifine.com -- Decorating a house in winter, of course, make the house feel more beautiful and not boring. The view of snow covering the entire outdoor area is sometimes boring and requires a more colorful appearance. One of the ideas for decorating a room to appear more colorful is to have flowering houseplants. Some beautiful flowering plants that you can have at home, check out 7 Colorful Flowering Houseplants to Dress Up Your Home for Winter.

Christmas Cacti


This plant is one of the best ideas for giving a house a beautiful look while also wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. You will feel blessed during your winter holidays if you have the name Christmas cactus. This plant, like most cactus, requires little watering and plenty of light to thrive.

Clivia Orange


Has a simple look with elongated and unique leaves, this plant can also produce bright orange flowers. You can have it as a decoration in your bedroom which you will love to look at when you wake up.

Hoya Carnosa


You can have this hoya cornosa if you like an elegant style with a snowy appearance. They make excellent hanging plants and have distinctive flowers with white and reddish shoots. The flowers are fragrant and can be used as a fragrance plant.

Oxalis Triangularis


Who hasn't heard of this lovely plant? They are extremely popular among purple fans. Its purple leaves are eye-catching, but it can also flower beautifully. In contrast to the darker purple leaves, this plant has bright purple flowers that complement the leaves perfectly.

African Violet


If you prefer small plants, the african violet is the best option for you. Beautiful flowers in a variety of colors can be produced by mini plants. In addition to violet, there are red, pink, blue, and several other lovely colors.



Medinilla Magnifica


This is a beautiful plant that is not widely known. Its broad, thick leaves are ideal for creating a clean, elegant look. Furthermore, the pink flowers stand out by growing curved. You can make it a very nice bedroom decoration and spread beauty with it.

Begonia Yellow Tuberosa


If you usually find begonias with reddish-peach flowers, this is the variety you can have to brighten up your winter decor. The bright yellow color can spread beauty and create a more pleasant and not boring atmosphere in the room. Place it on the living room table so that everyone can see it.




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