Fabulous Tradescantia ''Dwarf Tricolor'' to Color Your Home

Homifine.com -- Bring something purple to color up your home and garden. Tradescantia spathecea ''Nana Tricolor'' is the perfect plant for that. This plant has purple splashes to steal our attention. This is such a lovely plant for rooftop garden, small gardens, or flower beds.

Find out more about this dwarf tricolor plant in fabulous tradescantia ''dwarf tricolor'' to color your home

Tradescantia spathacea 'Dwarf Tricolor'


You may know this purple plant by its other name as dwarf variegated boat lily, dwarf variegated Moses-in-the-Craddle, and more. 

The sword-shaped leaves that are tightly arranged along the stem distinguish this plant. The upper side of the leaves are green with white stripes, while the lower side has a striking deep pink/purple color.

What's unique about this tradescantia? 


The answer is the tricolor, especially the purple portion, which gives it a nice purple shading. The plants are also drought-tolerant and disease- and pest resistant. Dwarf tricolor grows well in small pots and makes an excellent creeper plant.

Tradescantia ''dwarf tricolor' care


This beautiful purple is a dwarf plant, only growing to height of 0.2 m to 0.3 m. They prefer fertile, loamy soil that's well drained. The plants will also tolerate dry soil. 

Place tradescantia dwarf tricolor in spot with semi-shade or full sun.  Avoid overwatering, which causes root rot. Water it sparingly and allow the soil to dry out between watering.

Landscaping Features


Tradescantia is a herbacoues plant with a beautiful rosette growth form. It's commonly grown as an ornamental plant. This purple plant is a great plant for landscapes uses, such as a green roof, garden border plant, flowerbed, small garden with container planting, and more.

Growing Moses-in-the-Cradle indoor


Tradescantia ''dwarf tricolor' is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Make sure they get 6 hours of indirect sunlight. The plant tolerates low light conditions, but this reduces color variation; the leaves will grow green rather than purple.

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