Caladium Cultivation and Care

Caladium Cultivation and Care -- Caladium is a beautiful group of ornamental plants with brightly colored leaves. it will grow faster and produce more vibrant and beautiful leaves if properly cared for. Learn more about the caladium plant by reading the following reviews:


Caladium bicolor is the botanical name for this plant. It is a tropical perennial tuber plant with the common names caladium, angel wings, and elephant ears. Can reach a height 0f 18 to 24 inches.

Treatment with caladium



Water this plant regularly throughout the growing season to keep the soil evenly moist. Before watering, allow the soil to dry, However, if the soil dries out too much, the leaves will fall out and turn yellow.


Caladium is a plant that does not require a lot of fertilizer because it can cause burnt leaves. Use regular liquid fertilizer or, if you prefer something more natural, compost or homemade fertilizer.



After storing tubers all winter, divide them in the spring. To grow a new plant, cut each part of tuber into small pieces, including at least one eye.

Recognize the room's development


Caladium is ideal for warm indoor spaces such as bathroom, drying areas, and solarium. Avoid being exposed to wind and temperature fluctuations. In the summer, move it outside or to a shady spot on your patio. 


Allow the caladium to get some shade for about 4 hours in a window facing south, west, or east. However, keep in mind that too much light can cause leaf scorch.

Water necessities

To keep the leaves from drying out and wilting, keep the soil moist. Caladium can be killed by unnoticed moisture but come back to life in the fall.

Humidity and temperature

At night, the temperature should be between 60 and 65 degrees Celsius, and during the day, it should be between 70 - 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Caladium thrives in high humidity. If you're indoors, use a humidifier to raise the humidity.

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