7 Fabulous Front Porch Decoration Ideas with Plants

 Homifine.com - Creating serene front porch make it stunning and perfect design. No need big transform for it, just arrange nicely and add some plants or other ornaments that suitable with the concept. And here you can see these 7 Fabulous Front Porch Decoration Ideas with Plants.

Add Swing Bed or Chairs at Front Porch


Simple design can bring convenient and stunning area. Like this front porch, you can put the single chairs and swing bed or chairs at this area. 

Add cushion for this swing bed that can make you feel comfortable to sleep or spend time. Make the furniture and ornaments at this front porch use similar or match hues for perfect design.

Decorate Front Porch with Mini Garden


Combine with white and black, this front porch looks elegant and mysterious. Then, you can get in touch with plants at this area. Like arrange the plants near the door or hang it or other. You also can make small garden. For tidy area, you can put the potted plants at rack or hang rack.

Beautiful Greenery at the Side of Entrance Door


If you don't want convoluted design and decoration, you can put attractive plants at front porch. Like put palm or ferns or other. Put them at each side of the entrance door. You also can add ornaments like pumpkin and lantern for lighting at this front porch.

Small Front Porch with Wood Wall


Don't worry if you have a small front porch. Decorate it nicely like put some potted plants with similar pattern or hues, or size. You also can make the wall of front porch covering with wood or pallet for natural vibes. 

Equip it with hanging lamps on the wall or lantern with yellow or orange color to support the ambience.

Hang Plants Along the Front Porch


Maybe similar design and decoration for front porch make boring and monotonous. Try to hang same plants at your front porch. 

Select plants that can thrive by hang and suitable for outdoor condition. You can hang the plants at ceiling like the picture that can make clean and stunning looks.

Rocker at Front Porch Suitable for Grandmother


Exterior that use white color also can make spacious and clean ambience. Put some plants like colorful flowers or greenery that can make charm lively effect. 

Then, put sitting furniture and rocker that friendly for grandmother or grandfather. Set up with nicely for stunning and gorgeous accent.

Halloween's Style Using White Basic


It's Halloween!! Let's decorate and transform the house into Halloween style, guys. Halloween tends of dark and spooky design and decoration. 

But here, you can use bright hues for the basic decoration like this front porch at the picture. Then, add some Halloween's items, like pumpkin, spooky character and other. 

Don't forget with fall plants or flowers that can complete these front porch design and decoration.

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