Pink Princess Philodendron Care Tips and Growing Guide -- Philodendron is not only famous for its fresh heart-leaved plants, but this variety is a pink princess that has leaves with beautiful colors and not boring. Besides having a beautiful color and being an amazing room decoration, this plant also has an easy care. For some treatment details, check out the Pink Princess Philodendron Care Tips and Growing Guide.



Lighting is important for plants, you need to pay attention to the needs of each plant to keep it growing healthy. For this plant, bright and indirect lighting to keep the leaves still have a beautiful color. However, too much light will make the pink color pale. You can place it near the window. 



Watering on a regular basis will help plants grow healthier. Set a watering schedule for the plants, or mark watering based on soil conditions. This Philodendron dislikes being over watered. When the soil surface is dry, watering is the best thing you can do. They also dislike conditions that are excessively wet or excessively dry for extended periods of time.



Plants are usually fed to help them grow faster and to meet their nutritional requirements. During the growing season, apply a half-dose of balanced liquid fertilizer every two weeks. Overfeeding him will cause the leaves to burn. To avoid weak growth, stop fertilizing in the winter and fall.

Pruning and repotting

in addition to giving fertilizer, to make it grow thicker and faster is to do pruning. Use clean, sharp scissors for spring and summer pruning. In addition to pruning, repotting is also an activity that you need to do so that plants grow more comfortably because the pots are not too small.

Pets control tips


This plant does not actually have a serious problem, but some pests sometimes bother it. When pests are infested, you can apply alcohol to the insects that are on the plants. If you want it to be easier, you can use an insecticidal spray that will kill the pests.

Propagation tips


Since this plant looks beautiful, you may be interested in having more of it. You can propagate it by stem cuttings or division. You can take cuttings from the stem, and it is ideal to do this during the growing season. After you take the cuttings, soak the stems in water to grow the roots, then you can transfer them to a pot.




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