7 Low Maintenance Vining Houseplants for Beginners

 Homifine.com - Growing down from hanging baskets, vining houseplant perfectly increase your home. Especially if the houseplant has fresh and attractive. Then, you can look at these 7 Low-Maintenance Vining Houseplants for Beginners. Check it out!

Golden Pothos


Golden Pothos is a popular houseplant perfect to decorate your home area. They display yellow-green, and heart-shaped leaves. 

Pothos also bring health benefits indoors by purifying the air and cleaning formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and benzene. This houseplant is the easiest to grow well in hard conditions and endure both drought and moisture.



One of the stunning flowering plants, Hoya is perfect to place at your indoors. They featured attractive waxy foliage and fragrant flowers. Hoya has a low watering requirement and it is perfect for beginners.

Burro's Tail


Including cacti, Burro's tail is a heat and drought-tolerant plant. This houseplant has thick stems that appear woven or plaited with leaves. The succulent is green to gray-green or even blue-green and may have a slightly chalky look.



Monstera is an evergreen aroid and vining plant that can trail for miles and miles. Put this houseplant in an area that receives bright, but indirect, sunlight.

English Ivy


English Ivy is an evergreen that can grow well both indoors and outdoors. They are also easy to maintain, as long as give the pots spots that get bright indirect sun.

Inch Plant


With attractive zebra patterned leaves, Inch Plant is perfect to place indoors and increase the look. This trailing vine can grow well in dim light. Water this houseplant deeply, but make sure that the top of the soil dries out between watering spells.



Commonly found in offices or homes, Philodendron is a vining houseplant that is also perfect for beginners. Just give the water moderate and dry soil between watering sessions.

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