Show Your Freshness with These Beautiful Hanging Plants -- Plants are decorations that will not be boring in the house. Many people start to fill each room with refreshing plants. For a beautiful and stunning look, hanging plants are an option that you can apply in several rooms. For a selection of hanging plant types that you can have, check Show Your Freshness with These Beautiful Hanging Plants.

Rhipsalis Capilliformis

This plant is also known as the trailing mistletoe cactus, and because it is a tropical plant, it is best suited to being placed in warm areas indoors, such as on a windowsill. Unlike most cacti, which dislike being watered too frequently, this cactus appears to require consistent watering when the soil is dry so that the branches do not become limp and wrinkled.

Hoya Curtisii

Hoya is a popular type of hanging plant. The leaves on this one variety have a silver pattern and a round shape similar to a dollar coin. Its beautiful flowers, which have a distinct subtle fragrance, make it even more appealing.

Epipremnum Pinnatum Cebu Blue

Many people regard it as a rare plant because it is commonly known as cebu blue pothos. The lovely leaves have a bluish-silver surface, which distinguishes this variety. Hang it and let the ends fall to the wall or a nearby window.

Sedum Morganianum

Because of its elongated appearance and thick leaves on its stem, this succulent has another name that is more commonly known as donkey tail. This plant, like most succulents, thrives in bright, warm environments. Avoid overwatering, and if the soil has dried sufficiently, water it.

Peperomia Prostrata

Peperomia prostrata is a popular string plant, so you can include it on your list of hanging plants for windows. Combine it with other string plants to add freshness to the beauty of your room.





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