7 Of the Greatest Huge Cactus Plants for Home Cultivation

7 Of the Greatest Huge Cactus Plants for Home Cultivation

Homifine.com -- Cacti, as everyone knows, are beautiful houseplant that thrive with little care and attention. Cacti of various sorts, shapes, and size offer a distinct appearance that can serve as an addition to your home's beautiful plant collection. Some cactus species do not live to be 150 years old. The seven items are listed below.

Organ Pipe Cactus


Stenecereus thruberi is a big cactus plant that looks like a large organ pipe. Plants with green skin, ribs, and little spines on the stems can reach a height of 16 feet. Growth is rather slow in comparison to other types.



These opuntia are among the most popular and frequently sold out cactus. Plants 3 to 6 inches across can spread 12 to 18 inches. This cactus, like others, is thorny and should be places in a spot that receives direct sunshine.

Blue Myrtle Cactus


The blue myrtle cactus is a columnar cactus that grows quickly, much like a tree. This plant can grow to be over 16 feet tall and may be cultivated indoors. Prefers full sunlight and regular watering.

Candelabra Cactus


This plant is not a cactus, but rather cactus-like succulent. This plant is ideal for growing indoors and thrives in direct sunshine.



This columnar cactus is the saguaro cactus, as Sonoran desert deciduous plant. In natura, they grow slowly to a height of 40 - 60 feet. Very good as an indoor ornamental plant that prefers sunlight.

Barrel Cactus


The mother-in-law pillow is a golden cactus that can grow tu be up to 3 feet tall and wide as an adult. This plant does nor complete with some of the larger cactus growers and is very amazing for a barrel cactus. It is the finest option because it develops slowly.

Pachycereus Marginatus


This blue-green columnar cactus can grow to be up to 20 feet tall. This plant grows relatively quickly and can be a good indoor plant if watered on a regular basis and given enough sunlight. 


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