8 Night Blooming Fragrant Flowers With Strong Scent

Homifine.com -- There are various plants that can be used to enhance the appearance of your garden. You can grow flowers in addition to greenery.
Flowers provide the beauty of petals that can liven up the atmosphere of the home. However, the flowers that bloom at night can emit an enticing sweet fragrance.
Do you want to grow flowers? We've gathered 8 night blooming fragrant flowers with strong scent for you below! Let's read the review!

1. Brugmansia


The first flower that gives off a string fragrance a night is Brugmansia. They have a characteristic flower shaped like a trumpet.
Brugmansia can enhance the beauty of your home.

2. Cestrum Octurnum


Night-blooming jasmine is at the top of the list of flowers that can emit strong fragrance at night. Cestrum octurnum can grow well in the yard of the house.
They have flowers of tiny size but look stunning at night.

3. Night-blooming cereus


This beautiful blooming flower has the Botanical name Selenicereus grandiflorus. They have such a characteristic charming flower.
When it is nighttime, Cereus flowers emit a delicate fragrance.

4. Moonflower


As the name implies, Moonflower flowers have a beautiful floral look with shades of white color. This flower is a vine that can grow elongated.
They emit a sweet fragrance at night.

5. Mirabilosjalapa


This flower with a bright color blooms and grows well in a tropical climate. Mirabilis jalapa begins to bloom in the afternoon. 
They have small flowers with a delicate fragrance. Suitable for bringing to life the front garden of the house. 

6. Nicotiana Alata


Nicotiana comes with a characteristic star-shaped flower. This flower boasts a pleasant aroma. Not only white, but Nicotiana flowers also have a variety of pink, purple, and crimson colors.

7. Yellow Evening Primrose


Brighten your lawn by growing Yellow evening primrose. They grow well in direct sunlight. This gorgeous flower offers a soothing and delicate fragrance.

8. Polianthes Tuberose 


 The next flower with a strong aroma is Poluanthes tuberose. They have flowers with a sweet fragrance like honey. Polianthes fit to grow the front of the house.
That's the review of 8 night blooming fragrant flowers with a strong scent. Which is your favorite flower?

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