7 Dream Home Kitchen Design Ideas Without Partitions, More Relief!

 Homifine.com - The kitchen is the area where meals serve. We all know that cooking sometimes is a tiring activity but also can be a fun activity. Besides ambiance, the design and decoration of the kitchen can affect that. 

So, here we will share your Dream Home Kitchen Design Ideas Without Partitions, More Relief! Let's check it out!

Pastel kitchen with mini-bar


Get pastel colors for the kitchen design. This color gives a relaxed and soothing atmosphere, even if you have a small kitchen size. 

Combine the pastel with white hues to reduce crowd nuance. Then, you can create a mini bar in front of the kitchen for easy-to-serve meals from the oven.

Small kitchen using a hanging cabinet for spacious


Using white for the basic interior design, you will have a bigger look at the kitchen area. Then, make the kitchen set or kitchen table using wood material for other hues. Make the cabinet hanging above the kitchen table. It can save more space for small places like this kitchen.

Cute kitchen with letter L and dining room


Create the kitchen with white and bright hues. Besides can give bigger look, it can bring a spacious and clean accent. 

You also can make the door of the cabinet or kitchen set affixed cute stickers or wallpaper. Using the letter L shape, make the dining table put in a space area to make it easy to serve the food.

Transparent door for more lighting in the kitchen area


If the kitchen is located in the back area and lacks light, you can create windows or a door. Make the door using transparent glass material or trellis. This way can let the sunlight from the outside entering at this kitchen area. And it also makes good air circulation.

Get windows that can make good air circulation


Besides doors, you can create windows in the kitchen. Having windows it means you will have good air circulation and help you to reduce the smoke from cooking activity.

Elegant accent with white and brown hues


Without a partition, it brings a spacious and bigger room. Like the living room and kitchen area. You can put a dining table between these two. Design these rooms nicely, such as using white and brown hues. Believe me, it can give you effect elegant and classic home.

Install the mirror and hidden lamp in the kitchen


Surrounded with white hues may bring boring and monotonous designs to the kitchen area. Even if it can look bigger and clean, you can combine it with other ornaments or hues. 

Like installing a hidden lamp with yellow color on the ceiling. Or you can hang the mirror on the wall to reflect the condition of the kitchen area.

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